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Blog #1: September 21, 2007

So far in computer class, I leanerd to use dreamweaver. Its a very helpful to in creating websites. My least favorite thing in computer class is linking the links. It gets me frustrated when it doesn't work, and I stress about it. I like how this class is ran. Sometimes we can enough time to even help our friends, and get to know them better. I would like to have more time on the computers instead of sitting there and listening. AHAH. So far something interesting is that I'm starting a trend with my friends where ever friday, we wear slippers to school and its going to be a movement i hope. AHAH. I think summer break was tooo short, and the best then that happened was I got to see my favorite animal at Six Flags, yup you guessed it, the PENGUIN!!.



Blog #2: September 28, 2007

I think javascript is kind of difficult right now, but with time, I'll be able to learn it. I think that programming is kind of fun because we get to see our programming working. I have used programming before, and it was javascript, when i used to update my xanga. Those were the days. AHAH. I think that Mr. Styner should make better copies for us to use, because the paper he gave us was hard to see and since it was hard to see, it was hard to understand. One of the most craziest experiences I ever had, was when I went to Six Flags and we were walking around. We were lookin at rides, and on the way to the big wooden ride, we passed by the Peguin Passge. I have never seen a penguin eye to eye before. They were the cutest little things I have ever seen. I immediatly fell in love with them AHAHA. I wish i could take one home to live with me.




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