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October 26, 2007

Javascript to me is about a 5. I think that I need more help with loops and form functions. Those can be really confusing when i really thinkg about it. I chsoe the 5 because I'm semi confident in it, but sometimes I get confused. I think my ability to read code is about a 3. Sometimes it comes really easy, but other times when its hard, it comes really hard. I also get confused when reading code because you have to make sure you understand why everything is set up the way it is. I think my code tracing has improved enough to where I can struggle to find out the output, where as before, I would of left my paper blank. I think we should have spirit week next year because its only 1 week out of the whole school year where we can get rowdy and have fun. This was my last spirit week, and I loved every bit of it. The best part of spirit week is the dress up days, and the spirit rally which everyone should lose their voices over. The worst part of spirit week, was the fight. There was no need for it. We were all just having fun, then a fight broke out. Fights shouldn't happen when there is a rally.

- _- Peter -_-



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